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Office Furniture Disposal Checklist: What Stays and What Goes after Your Office Move

An office move is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your company values and necessities. Whether your current lease is about to end, you’re looking to expand or downsize your company, or you’re just in need of a change, relocations require a lot of planning and attention to detail. A large part of that involves deciding what to do with some of your old office furniture.

What should you keep? What can you donate? What can be refurbished? And what’s totally unsalvageable? These are all important questions you should consider while planning your office relocation project. Proper planning, coordination, and logistical accountability can help ensure a successful office move without increasing your company’s carbon footprint.

Office Furniture Disposal Checklist

Start off by creating a comprehensive office furniture disposal checklist with room to add items along the way as they come to you. That’ll make it easier to stay organized and on track. You can also delegate certain tasks to your colleagues or employees in your company’s logistics department. If you don’t have a logistics department, then make sure you oversee every key component of the office furniture disposal and installation process carefully.

Here are a few suggestions of tasks to add to your checklist:

Create a Detailed Inventory of All Office Furniture

Long before moving day, you should create a comprehensive and detailed list of all of the office furniture your company currently owns and log information about each piece. Stay organized by using an editable Excel spreadsheet to make note of everything. Classify the type of furniture, size, quantity, condition, usability, brand names, age, measurements, where it currently is, and where it’s going.

Make multiple copies of this list or distribute it electronically to all company personnel in case there’s any missing information. Be as thorough as possible because miscounting how much and what type of furniture you have could lead to some potential financial losses. As long as furniture is kept in decent or good condition, it could retain its market value.

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Decide What to Dispose of and What Goes with You

Don’t make this decision lightly. Evaluate every piece of furniture in terms of its ultimate worth to your business. Avoid making impulsive decisions that could end up costing you money later on. At the moment, it might be tempting to just get rid of all of your current office furniture and buy new pieces because that’s easier than sorting through it all one by one. However, that also entails having to spend additional money to replace the furniture you could have just brought with you.

Keep in mind that even furniture that’s damaged or looking a little worse for wear might still be salvageable. Take a close look at your budget and see what you can afford to lose and what needs to stay to continue smooth business operations.

Consider Your Company Goals and Values

Having a definitive set of company goals and values is important to maintaining a strong business model, productivity, and building your brand. These are the foundational building blocks and components that people will ultimately associate with your business. Is environmental sustainability and employee morale important to you? Are you interested in saving money? Understanding your bottom line and company values can help you come up with a feasible action plan to bring them to fruition.

Plan for Potential Risks and Costs

It’s not always possible to foresee or plan for every potential hiccup that could happen during your move. Potential risk factors and costs could include damaged furniture, disassembling and reassembling furniture, storage fees, time and effort to move furniture, scheduling conflicts, onsite safety, labour disruptions, and so much more.

Coming up with a feasible yet flexible timeline for your office move can help you anticipate some of these potential risks and costs. You can also consult with a professional office furniture moving company like SFI Group Limited for more assistance.

Budget for All Aspects of the Move

Part of initiating proper risk management is creating a comprehensive budget that accounts for all or most aspects of your companywide move. Once you’ve established a detailed inventory of all furniture, company supplies, and employees that are part of the move, you can then begin to calculate exactly how much each portion of the move will cost. Try not to procrastinate or be too overzealous when planning your budget, though. Make sure there’s enough wiggle room in your budget in case it needs to be tweaked at any point. Planning too far in advance can be pointless and a waste of time and resources if you don’t have all the information you need. And planning everything at the last minute strains your moving timeline and places a lot of stress on your team, which is a recipe for disaster.

The most expensive aspect of your move will most likely be the disassembling, reassembling, and disposing of large pieces of office furniture because this is the most labour-intensive. Also, keep in mind that there are peak moving seasons throughout the year and some moving companies get a lot busier once the warm weather hits.

Select a Professional Office Furniture Disposal Service

Working with a professional office furniture disposal service in your area is the best way to help you stay on track. They’ll help you balance your budget, manage the logistics of your move, and ensure every piece of furniture is delivered on time or aptly disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Office Furniture Disposal Options

At SFI Group Limited, we’ve helped numerous small businesses and startups successfully plan and execute extensive office moves across Toronto and the GTA. From dismantling, disassembling, transporting, and reassembling office furniture to sustainably disposing of it or donating it to charitable organizations and schools on your behalf, our goal is to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

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