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Office Furniture Installation In Mississauga

SFI Group Limited offers extensive office furniture installation services in Mississauga, Toronto, and other parts of the GTA. Throughout the 30+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped numerous companies modify and reconfigure their office furniture to create a more efficient and productive work environment. Whether you’re planning on relocating your business and need a professional team of technicians to uninstall, disassemble, transport, re-install, or dispose off your existing office furniture for you, we can help. Even if you’re not planning on moving to a new office any time soon and just want to improve the functionality and design of your office space, our team of office installation management experts can help you completely revamp your workspace.

Office Furniture Installation Specifications and Related Services

At SFI Group Limited, planning and executing top-notch office furniture installation projects in a timely manner and according to the specifications of our clients is our specialty. Whatever tasks you need completed—whether it’s furniture delivery, new furniture installation, cabling services, or old furniture reinstallation—we can get it done for you the right way without any delays. We understand that office moves and renovations are time-sensitive projects that require thorough organization management, which is why we strive to deliver streamlined quality services so that you can get back to operating your business as quickly as possible.

Our services include:


We can help you reconfigure the setup of your current office space using your existing furniture and equipment to increase workflow, efficiency, productivity, boost employee morale, and maximize the space you have.

New Furniture Installation

We also offer professional new furniture installation services to our clients in Mississauga and throughout the GTA. Whether you’re just moving into a new office or are simply replacing your old furniture and equipment, we’re certified experts in furniture installation management and are familiar with all of the major office furniture brands, makes, and models.

Office Furniture Delivery

In addition to installing your new office furniture, we also have a large fleet of delivery vehicles including vans and large trucks to deliver furniture purchased from online stores or from your current office location to the new one. Our professional movers are thoroughly trained to carefully lift, move, and install office equipment of all sizes and capacities.

Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Disposal Initiative

Replacing your old office furniture doesn’t necessarily have to increase your carbon footprint. If you have old office furniture that you no longer need, we offer sustainable removal services. Under our management, old office furniture will be donated to charities, schools, and other organizations that can get excellent use out of them. Furniture that can’t be salvaged will be sent to an advanced recycling center and repurposed to manufacture other items.

Office Furniture Installation Services in Mississauga

SFI Group Limited is committed to providing top quality office moving, furniture installation, and IT services to small and large businesses in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, and other parts of the GTA. To learn more about our services or to book a consultation, please contact us.

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